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These are partial screen displays from the EZ Pipe program. (display only)
When using the program, you may enter sizes in the boxes, or pop up a table for standard sizes.
There are several options available.  Offset from centerline.  Print All or One page,  etc.

shot1.gif (9243 bytes)

Below is the same screen, showing a diagram instead of the pattern.
You can look at the diagram at any time, to see which sizes to enter in the boxes.

shot2.gif (10367 bytes)

Below is part of the opening screen.
Each type of pattern you select has its own display, with diagram.
The first choice is suitable for :
    square tees, laterals of any angle, pipe from screw conveyor, pipe from tank, etc.

shot3.gif (10345 bytes)

The picture below is similar to a printed pattern.
Sizes and other information is printed with the pattern.

shot4.gif (5349 bytes)

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